Saturday, September 9, 2017

New Release - B/X Essentials: Core Rules (PDF - $4.99 / Plaint text - Free)

I'm heading out to a German Pub Crawl later this morning but I wanted to put this post up before I got hammered ;) Technically, B/X Essentials: Core Rules released a week ago. Sorry for the delay in catching up to it - the week has been a busy one.
The B/X Essentials line is a restatement of the classic Basic/Expert fantasy adventure gaming rule set, distilled down to its purest essence and given a fresh, new presentation:
Basic and Expert rules seamlessly combined. 
Streamlined presentation optimized for ease of reference during play. 
Meticulously researched; a guaranteed 100% accurate rendition of the classic rules of yesteryear. 
Carefully clarified, ironing out ambiguities in the original rules. 
This first book lays out the core rules of the game, including: encounters, combat, dungeon and wilderness exploration, seafaring, spell casting, and magical research. 
The second book in the series, B/X Essentials: Classes and Equipment, is coming soon! 
Print editions coming soon! People who purchase the PDF edition will be sent a voucher to upgrade to the print edition, when it becomes available.
The PDF of B/X Essentials: Core Rules is 4.99 - The plain text file is free.

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