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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Hero's Brew Podcast - Episode # 2 - Dark & Sundry

The Grognardy Trio have served up another episode of the Hero's Brew Podcast. Episode #2 - Dark & Sundry is available for your enjoyment. Yes, we're extra grumpy at NO extra charge for you ;)

Oh, and we earned our explicit label this time :)

You can play it from the player below or give it a few hours to get served through iTunes, Google Play and other podcast players.

Download link for Episode # 2


  1. Erik said something about Adventure Writing like a Fucking Boss being mentioned. I'm going to try and find time to listen tonight. Thanks, guys!

    1. Actually, I remarked on your Kickstarter skills. You are a rarity in the gaming KS universe. On time or early every damn time ;)

  2. I could have sworn I saw Rogue One on my Netflix list. You might want to double-check that.

  3. yep - Netflix - catching some this morning


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