Monday, September 25, 2017

Kickstarter - Battlelords, Science Fiction RPG revised edition

I had lots of fun playing Battlelords of the 23rd Century in the early 90s but then again, my group played nearly anything back then. As I recall, it involved a lot of shooting ;)

Here we are, 25 or some odd years later, and the 7th edition of the Battlelords rules are being Kickstarted. I didn't realize the game was that popular. I kid! They really aren't ;)

Anyhow, 15K goal and about halfway there with 24 days left to fund. Its doable but in no way a sure thing.

So, what are my issues? Not the art, which is fairly nice. No, its the pledge levels.

Yep, $25 for the PDF. Actually $40 (as the $35 level is limited) if you want access to any stretch goals - not that I expect any stretch goals to be hit.

$60 for print, $75 for Print plus PDF and Print with stretch goals and some PDFs from prior editions is $100. Yep, you need to be in for $100 for the unattainable stretch goals.

Ah well, still good to see a game I thought would have long ago withered on the vine getting some support. I just don't think this will lead to any long term success - might fail to reach short term success too.


  1. I remember this...no one I knew ever played it. New version looks really neat based on what they have to show, but alas they have no prior KS history so to follow my own rules I must pass on this one.

  2. My own pricing algorithms would have suggested $21.35 for the max KS PDF pledge for the game, and a retail PDF price of $28 assuming maximum possible production values. So probably I'd have settled on $20 for the KS, $25 retail. A 360-page smyth-sewn book is only going to be affordable via offset, which means lots of backers needed, or a commit for 500 copies at a non-trivial cost per copy (10-15 each, which speaks to a retail cost between 50-75 bucks). My pledge levels would have probably been set at $50 for the hardback plus PDF (compared to retail at $75). So they're high, but not insanely high.

  3. The art was always pretty good. System is similar to D20 but uses Percentile dice. The book were fun.

  4. I enjoyed the art and setting. Never played the orginal. I really liked the Post Apoc spin off called Blood Dawn also by Sims which used different rules. It had mutants and magic on earth with excellent art.

  5. Loved that game. I remember a CCG was even released....it was dreadful.

    1. But 7 editions? What is that, a new edition every three years?!


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