Sunday, September 24, 2017

New Release - Through Dungeons Deeper: A Survival Guide For Dungeoneers As Written By A Survivor (With Tavern Discount Code)

Sometimes membership DOES have its privileges. For a limited time only (a couple of weeks) readers of The Tavern can grab a PDF copy of Through Dungeons Deeper: A Survival Guide For Dungeoneers As Written By A Survivor for the discounted price of $9.99 (normally $12.99 in PDF, so that's a $3 discount just for reading The Tavern).

Now, I woke up to my reviewer's copy code sitting in my inbox and I downloaded a copy right away. I'm nearly halfway through it. It might be 150 pages but its such a pleasurable read it sure doesn't feel like it is. So, what is it? Its a DM's resource and a player's resource and the source of a whole lotta chuckling on my end. Seriously, its a fun read and its meant to be that way.
Have you ever wanted a primer on dungeon delving and dungeoneering? Ever wanted to know the stuff that real experts know about how to survive and thrive while looting dungeons of everything they have that's valuable and isn't nailed down?
Written by master dungeoneer halfling Maximillian Sparfoot, veteran of a thousand dungeon delves (according to his own bio). Follow along with Max as he: 
  • Explains the 10 Dungeon Axioms! 
  • Introduces you to his 78 Rules of Dungeoneering, including preparation, your role in the party, how to fight wisely, and how to make a last will and testament, among other Very Important Rules If You Don't Want To Die! Tactics! Strategy! Other stuff! 
  • Gives you important information about magic items, curses, owlbears, traps, mimics and gelatinous cubes! 
  • Tells you the important things you need to know about the races and professions that you'll be dungeoneering with! 
  • Includes a sample simple will from Stonehand & Associates, lawyers to dungeoneers!  
So, what are you waiting for? Buy Max's super guide to dungeoneering today for yourself or a loved one who is considering delving in the darkest dungeons. You don't want them being unprepared, do you? DO YOU? 
Digital+ files (ebook and raw text) will be added to this download soon. Those who purchase the digital version will receive a discount code for the POD version once it is available. 
An update following soon will enable internal hyperlinks as well as additional artwork, and a version of the PDF with layers.
edit: As per Jason -  "anyone who buys now will get a discount of the PDF price against the POD version."

As stated above, the normal price for Through Dungeons Deeper: A Survival Guide For Dungeoneers As Written By A Survivor is $12.99 i PDF. Using the discount link unique to The Tavern, you can snag your PDF copy for $9.99.

Note:  +Jason Paul McCartan is a friend of mine. He's funny and he writes good shit. A Survival Guide for Dungeoneers is funny AND good shit ;)

Remember, purchases made via The Tavern's affiliate links put 5% into The Tavern's coffers. I already owe y'all a dungeon next month due to your support. Thank you!


  1. I'm looking through this, too, and going to do a video interview with Jason tonight, which I'll probably be able to air late tonight or tomorrow morning (editing and uploading time being the factor in that). What I've read so far is excellent.

  2. Bought it. I think its important to support smaller authors, so we can build up the network of people releasing product for older editions of the games. Encouraging authors brings in more, and even better, products. Its good all around!

  3. Excellent Jason. I'll go grab a copy. Would you know if there is a print version coming?

    1. Tim, POD version is incoming once a few things are sorted out (such as PDF with layers, and some additional tweaks). This book is a digital+ book, so it'll also be coming with ebook versions as well. And anyone who buys now will get a discount of the PDF price against the POD version.

      I'm also planning on releasing on Lulu and Amazon.

    2. Thanks for the info Jason. Sell a million of them.

  4. Currently #6 on the RPGNow best seller list :)

    1. Just went to #2.

      Thanks to everyone who has bought a copy!


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