Sunday, February 5, 2017

What Do You Give to Someone That "Allegedly Stole" Nearly $70k from Nearly 800 Backers for the Third Anniversary of "The Alleged Theft?"


Three years as of February 5th. Yep, 2/5/14 is a day that will live in Kickstarter infamy. The day the Knights of the Dinner Table: Live Action Series funded and #ConManKen started counting his gold. Fools and their money were already parted - now he just needed something to spend it on.

A cruise, perhaps? Maybe some film equipment that would allow him to get himself off, knowing that the money received would never go to finishing this project or any other project? Yep, other peoples money burns a hole in #ConManKen's pocket extremely fast.

But hey, it IS an anniversary after all. Third anniversary and all that. Lets see, what choices do we have?

Leather? Not going near that one again. Hmmm. Crystal or glass. Lets see what we can find that is appropriate on the interwebs.

Brisbane though. Not sure if the Aussies would even let #ConManKen in the country. He would have access to fresh marks though.


  1. I wonder how long it will be before a Conman Ken apologist shows up to tell everyone that he isn't *really* a bad guy.

    Gotta run, imaginary cops at my door again.

    1. Imaginary FBI with their imaginary charges asked me to join them for imaginary tea and crumpets.

      I had to pass though. I heard imaginary lawyers were going to sue my ass. I wanted to make sure I had enough imaginary ta and crumpets for them too.

      Damn, but its cold here in imaginary Lake Geneva.

  2. how about imaginary Sundance premier with imaginary big buck distribution deal.

  3. I think the total is much more than $70K because there was all that KenzerCo product and those books sold after the KS, but never accounted for.

    1. Also a crit-storm of spam emails to backers selling t-shirts, props and anything else (nailed down or not) that continued for months.

  4. We're wise to the conman down under.


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