Saturday, February 11, 2017

Kickstarter - Dice Base: Master - Magnetic Game Screen - RPG and Tabletop

I find the Dice Base: Master - Magnetic Game Screen intriguing. I like the look of the wood. The idea of using magnetic ball bearings to connect the pieces at will is intriguing The flexible uses are awesome.

Then I see the pricing and I return to reality. Realizing the actual size and weight of this literally sinks in, and all my excitement is gone. Watching the mini dice trays shift away from the dice tower with every roll makes me wonder why they are even included as an option.

I really don't need more clutter on my gaming shelf.

Interesting idea an I'm sure very useful for some, but not very portable or practical.


  1. This one seems much better, and already has over a quarter million in funding. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wyrmwood/the-wyrmwood-magnetic-game-master-screen?ref=nav_search

  2. If you look at the Dice Base KS it seems a reaction to the Wyrmwood one.

  3. I may be biased becaus of location but the Wyrmwood studios products have all been very high quality.

    See the previous post or two. For a link.


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