Thursday, February 9, 2017

Bearmageddon - From Axe Cop Co-Creator Ethan Nicolle and an assist by Sanctum Media (DCC RPG Podcast)

What do you get when you cross Axe Cop and a DCC RPG podcast?

Sanctum Media is pleased to announce that we are working in partnership with Axe Cop co-creator Ethan Nicolle in an effort to bring his latest project to life. Bearmaggedon tells the story of a group of slackers and a mountain man caught up in an ursine war on humans. Bearmageddon News Network covers the world’s news of this war, including bear attack tips.
Through their partnership with Ethan Nicolle, Sanctum Media will be bringing a number of the nightmarish creations of the Bearmageddon to life and materials found in Dickinson Killdeer’s Guide to  Bears of the Apocolypse: Ursine Abominations of the End Times and How to Deafeat Them will also be featured. Sanctum Media, and the Keepers of Mysteries, are proud to be bringing the denizens of this unique setting to life in a fashion that can be used by DCC Judges who are looking for something wholly outside of the mainstream.

Ethan Nicolle (http://www.ethannicolle.com) is an Eisner Award nominated comic book creator, writer, and artist. He has also worked with his younger brother, Malachai, to create Axe Cop – a web comic turned comic, turned animated series.

Sanctum Media (http://sanctum.media) produces the monthly Sanctum Secorum podcast (featuring Jen Brinkman, Marc Bruner, and Bob Brinkman), devoted to Appendix N literature and its inspiration and use in within the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game. Sanctum Media also publishes the Sanctum Secorum Companion, a free e-zine filled with playable content for DCC RPG.

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  1. As a reader of Bearmaggedon since Page 1 (and a proud owner of some bear commissions), this is AWESOME.


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