Sunday, January 1, 2017

Inauspicious Start for the New Year? - A Stomach Bug Welcomes your Bartender to 2017 - But Then...

Yeah, today has NOT been a fun day. Its been a good day for NYC NFL teams, but instead of watching the games from the pub or the couch, I've been watching mostly from bed. I've been knocked down by a stomach bug. Hasn't been fun.

There have been some bright spots though :)

+James Spahn forwarded the current draft of what is being referred to as Swords & Wizardry Extra Light and damn it looks good. I might have some occasional good ideas, but James has constant good ideas coupled with amazing writing skills. If all goes well the draft will be put into play next weekend.

Did I mention there is a Tenkar the Dwarf mini in the works? +Darcy Perry of Star Hat Minis is leaving me in awe with each update. Yep, that's the WIP pictured above.

Well, if I need a stomach bug to have such awesome progress being made on projects I am personally invested in, I guess I can handle it. 2017 looks better already ;)


  1. I woke up with a stomach bug too. Rather unpleasant start to 2017. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. What's S&W Extra Light? Did you get rid of thieves in this version?

    1. Swords and Wizardry Extra Light (or SWXL) is a complete game that takes characters from 1st to 7th level. The rules (which include options for about a dozen classes, four races, and include a full bestiary, and grimore of spells and magic items) clock in at about 14 digest-sized pages in the draft document.

    2. Interesting...

      Happy New Year, James! (I enjoy your class writeups, especially the LL Compendium.)

    3. Ahhh. When I read "Extra Light," I assumed it was going to be even *lighter* than Swords & Wizardry Light. That description sounds cool.

  3. I hope your New Year improves, Erik! Bright side: If you made a weight loss resolution for 2017, you're well on your (*wretch*) way!

    Happy New Year, fellow taverners!

  4. I have sent through some more photos Erik. Apart from an axe tune, he is now finished. I must say, sculpting Tenkar has been an enjoyable pastime over the last few days. Something to quietly do in the heat of the day, when not exploring the local bush or surfing with my family down at the beach. Summer holidays in New Zealand are the best. I hope you recover soon. Glad this gift is lifting your spirits.

  5. I am buying that mini. Just so I can paint it's hands red...


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