Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Tenkar's Tavern 2017 Predictions From the Privy Scrying Pool

Yep. Last day of 2016. Time to wake up the Grumpy Dwarf and lead him to the Tavern's Scrying Pool, complete with runnoff from the privy.

Grumpy Dwarf here. I don't give a Rat on a Stick's Ass how accurate my predictions were for 2016. 2017 is right around the corner and its time for predictions!

1 - Far West WILL NOT RELEASE IN 2017! It will not release in a box. It will not release on a dock. It will not redeem a career. It will not do anything I fear - The Grumpy Seuss

2 - Con Man Ken will move YET AGAIN! You read it here first. The man has had more addresses than a Hunt's Point Hooker has tricks on New Year's Eve (and at least the hooker will give you what you paid for)

3 - The Gygax Memorial Fund won't look any different than 2016. or 2015. No bricks will be sold, no groundwork will be laid, no call to arms and no audit. Why fix something that's broken?

4 - There will be no further Holiday purges at WotC. There is no staff left to purge.

5 - The Greyhawk Setting will be resurrected. Joe the Janitor will have it added to his portfolio of responsibilities at WotC.

6 - Swords & Wizardry Light will spawn other pared down rulesets in the OSR. Light Labyrinth Lord (LLL), Mini OSRIC (MOSRIC), Tiny Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea (TASSH) are just a few examples.

7 - Frog God Games will absorb Kobold Press. The first release of the expanded company will be a 550 page Pathfinder release, 500 page D&D 5e release, 350 page Swords & Wizardry release of the mega-dungeon Klomoring Kobolds of Doom for levels 1 to 12. The Pathfinder version will be rated IIIA by the NIJ when worn in a backpack, the 5e version IIA and the S&W version I.

8 - Starfinder will release from Paizo. Grogs will be disappointed that your character can't die during character generation. They will be further disappointed when they find their characters can't die during play.

9 - Fake News will find its way into the RPG field with the announcement of completed Kickstarter Projects that faded away. The first such will be Quantum soon followed by anything still owed by Nystul.

10 - The Tavern will appear in one version or another in many different mediums. Er, wait, this is already happening...


  1. 11 - There will be a major confrontation beneath Maure Castle.

  2. "They will be further disappointed when they find their characters can't die during play."


  3. Extra nice touch with the Grumpy Seuss.

  4. #1 - They Keep pumping out Thrilling Tales SW stuff and I'll be happy. I'll ALMOST forgive them for Buckaroo Banzai.

  5. I think the Starfinder prediction will be proven out. Death gets in the way of feats

  6. Feel free to add your own predictions...

  7. The sequel to Trolls of Mistwood will make it to publication...

  8. 7a) Kobold Press will do a Kickstarter for electronic/PoD versions of their existing setting and monster books for Swords and Wizardry.
    12) Troll Lord Games will put out a C&C Rules Cyclopedia as a starting point for new fans.
    13) A small startup with big name writers will publish 'generic' versions of classic D&D settings with better retroclone/5e compatibility.

  9. 14) Rob Kuntz/TLB Games products for the K series of modules will have grognards lauding their existence while bemoaning their underappreciation and lack of ENnies. ;-)

  10. 15) A group of hasn't-beens and never-weres will assemble an episodic live stream that showcases original school role-playing but won't attract much attention until it's too late and the whole thing folds. Many will decry the death of "The Old School Critical Role."

  11. "Mearls and the janitor" was already a thing on TheRPGSite ca. 2008 ( http://www.therpgsite.com/showthread.php?12831-WotC-Layoffs , post #3), so it is one of the safe ones. :D

  12. I've just heard about Swords and Wizardry Light from you and it sounds good. I'm looking forward to seeing more Light systems.

  13. Number 9, might get finished as a few backers are taking a look at the beta and the artist did offer in the past to help....

  14. Should I take this to mean that you're predicting I'm getting a job at WotC as the janitor?


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