Friday, January 6, 2017

Save Failed! Save or Die! Podcast Loses its Hosts

The Save or Die! Podcast hosts have left the podcast. Liz, Mike and Jim are moving on. To what? No clue. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a new project involving one or more of the team - podcasts rarely die, they just reincarnate as new beasts ;)

So, where does this leave the Save or Die! Podcast? Sadly, the last episode with the current team was a Email Hot Tub episode. Its no secret that I dislike email features of podcasts in general and having a whole episode dedicated to it? Needless to say, I won't be listening to episode 130. I hereby declare that the last Liz, Mike and Jim episode of SoD was episode 129, when they reviewed The Hero's Journey - that way their run truly ends on a high note.

Will Save or Die! continue? I suspect so, but it won't be the same creature. I'm interested to see what Wild Games Productions has in store for the future of SoD+Vincent Florio , can I request less emails? ;)


  1. Is this a gloat post? Are you saying that the new Tavern podcast shut down Save or Die? For shame, Eric. For shame.

    Seriously, though, this is a loss to the OSR/gaming community. It was the only gaming podcast I listened to routinely. It always felt like me and my old gaming buddies sitting around each week and BSing about games (and whatever else came to mind) before we got started playing. But I understand that some things just run their course. Good luck to the DMigos!

  2. Lol. Zach and I are 2 nerds being herded by questions from the audience. SoD was a fine cast, but I too understand that projects such as,this one can reach their natural end (Brainstorm Podcast from my own experience)

    I know in my heart this is not the last we've heard of Jim, Mike and Liz. Literally ;)

  3. What? No!!! Now I'm depressed. Thanks, Erik.

  4. What are our options for OSR podcasts now?

  5. I'm disappointed as hell. But I thank them for so much great entertainment.

    Give a listen to The Grognard Files. Dead Games. RFI.

  6. Thank you the kind words, but I'd bet my bank account on Save or Die! continuing with new hosts. This is far from the first cast change the podcast has been through. So you should probably stay tuned. As for Mike, Liz, and myself, new life opportunities precluded continuing on with fewer and fewer episodes. Better to go out on a high note. We're of course sad to move on, but also excited at what's coming into our lives.

  7. I've enjoyed Mike and Liz for years, and though the episodes got fewer (and I was never really a fan of the email episodes), I strongly feel that Jim was a really great fit with them that led to some great episodes. Thanks to all three (but especially Mike and Liz for so many years), and best wishes in their future endeavors.


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