Monday, January 2, 2017

The Tomb of Imperishable Darkness - Background and Intro

-Prince Calishun, First Dwarven Lord of the Imperishable Darkness, knew his day of death was soon approaching. He had created a tomb for himself and his undying servants and for now it served as both temple and residence. Each night he threw the bones of destiny. Each night all he knew was his time was near. Then soon became now, and he barred the entrance to the tomb, his tomb. He went to his crypt and started the ritual that would make him one beyond the undying. He would leave the mortal realm and embrace his destiny. And then there was darkness...

-One of Grunx's kobold scouts reported finding doors in a shallow cave. Doors often meant halls and rooms made by the builders, and that meant warm nights and a sleeping mat. These things were important to Grunx. An ogre considered large even my his brethren, Grunx had learned long ago the secret to survival - let others fight for you and if possible, let others find your food. Finding a leaderless war band of kobolds was a win win for both. Grunx was an able leader and the kobolds had good survival instincts.

The scout was right, there were doors - double doors to be correct. Old doors. Heavy and barred doors. It took Grunx nearly 5 minutes to get the doors open and in doing so, he removed the right door completely off of its hinges. Inside was a hallway. This was promising. Grunx reattached the door as best he could and led his band of Kobolds into the darkness beyond.

-Tomas the Hunter followed the kobold tracks back to a small cave. He didn't get too close, but now he knew where they were based at. Their ogre leader couldn't be far and that was an encounter he didn't wish to have. The caravan masters would pay well for this info and bands of adventurers were rarely hard to find.

Yep, that writer's block is gone. +Pete Spahn , it shouldn't be long now. Maybe I should run a fever for full effect ;)


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