Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Unholy Light Triumvirate is in Place - Now that Swords & Wizardry Light is off to the Printer, Work Begins on Extra Light

Earlier today I was speaking with +James Spahn and he told me "Hey! I have a new spell for Swords & Wizardry Light" and he did, and it was good.

The he said "I have an idea for a S&W Light class", and he did - and he wrote it exactly how I was thinking of writing the exact same class. We are in the zone, so to speak. We wrote six classes up today. They are, dare I say it, elegant in their execution.

Extra Light will be a free supplement for S&W Light. New classes, new spells, advancement through 5th level, new monsters, magic items... and more.

The third part of the Unholy Light Triumvirate is +Zach Glazar . With these two in my corner, I can only look good.

Did I mention James also sent me an adventure for S&W Light? The second one we have now and we haven't even released the rules yet. They will be free in PDF.

The conversion sheet for Rogues in Rembalo is the first in line. Free adventure from the Frogs. Wow, that will give three adventure options right out of the gate.

It just got very real ;)


  1. Unholy Triumvirate? The Halfling, Dwarf, and Froggy Gnome?

  2. Well I am taking the rest of the day off (from layout). I must admit that I never thought it could take that long to layout basically 4 pages. I know that both of you saw a bunch of screen shots that looked exactly the same to you after day one lol...sorry about that...

    You need to run a shout out to the Lord of Grammar, Scott Swift, as well. He did a nice job clarifying already short sentences and using almost arcane thinking to get the comma correct.

  3. When seeing extra light in the title, I thought you had genuinely jumped the shark for a moment there

  4. Erik, I don't know if the idea of introducing new classes and new material can be a positive thing for S&W Light. S&W Light is brilliant because in 4 pages (panels) condenses the main S&W Core rules to start playing right away: if the pages become 6, 7 or more, might as well play the White Box unless your ultimate goal is to turn S&W Light in a 8 pages' pamphlet that can be included in a 4 sided panels' master screen, according to the original purpose of your project.
    In this sense, as add-ons, additional rules to be able to level up to level 5 are a good idea because they allow us to play S&W Light beyond the basic adventures retaining its style light and fast. But magic items, new monsters, new classes, and, who knows, additional rules, would bring this great project to come out from its initial objectives. This is my opinion, Erik :)

  5. When Erik says "new classes" that are "elegant in their execution", I am hoping he means versions of S&W Complete classes (ranger, paladin, druid, etc.) done in the style of James Spahn's White Box additions.

    1. Basically we round up the classes in Complete and add a few extra (you can blame Bard on me).

      The Bard is described in 2 sentences.

      The specialized classes will require one extra adventure / session at each level to level up.

      The rule of thumb was: "if we can't describe the class and it's abilities in three sentences or less, we have to start over" ;)

    2. Seeing as I have a pretty heavy hand in writing these classes, that shouldn't be a problem, Shadow. :-D


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