Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Kickstarter - Operation Unfathomable (Swords & Wizardry adventure and campaign setting)

What better to support during the Swords & Wizardry 3rd Edition printing KS then a Swords & Wizardry Setting / Adventure KS? I'm talking, of course, about Operation Unfathomable.

+Jason Sholtis is the mad mind behind Operation Unfathomable (perhaps best known for his The Dungeon Dozen blog). In his words:
I wrote OPERATION UNFATHOMABLE originally to be a one-off adventure and for utility as a convention scenario. As such, the gloves were off both in terms of danger level for player characters and the campaign-changing potency of the enchanted treasures they might run off with. Going against my own advice, I used it to start a campaign.
Four years and hundreds of game-hours later, the campaign continues (and is still fun). 
As every DM knows, there is no substitute for play when it comes to breathing life into a setting. I believe the Underworld of OPERATION UNFATHOMABLE has that lived-in feel precisely because it has been explored extensively at the table and its secrets probed by a number of minds sharper than my own (I have awesome players).
So, what is Operation Unfathomable?
OPERATION UNFATHOMABLE is an internally-consistent, gonzo funhouse that runs like a subterranean wilderness trek instead of a “down the 10 foot hall and kick in a door” affair. There are random elements aplenty to keep GMs guessing as well as players. No balanced encounters to be found here, but the clever setup allows low level characters to drop into the dungeon “deep end” and still have a chance of making it out alive—if they’re smart and wary. 
Underworld Phenomena: Novel environmental hazards to challenge explorers like Horizontal Cave Lightning, Whirlwinds of Unbidden Transportation, Sudden Seismic Events, and many more!  
Fractious Factions: Enter a crossroads of Underworld civilization where combat is only one of the options (and often not always the wisest!) for dealing with its denizens. The PCs can make a temporary truce with Blind Antler Men or forge an unlikely alliance with the minions of Nul the Mindless God!  
Races, Weirdos and Chaos Godlings Galore: Over two dozen new creatures, from Batwinged Dwarfs to Shaggath Ka the Worm Sultan, malevolent...and even more malevolent! 
Near-Endless Adventure: Enough NPCs, encounters, and areas to explore to keep a campaign going well beyond the initial scenario.
Basic buy ins are $9 in PDF and $15 for the at cost POD and PDF. If you want to add the stretch goals hit in PDF, it goes up to $25 and $40 respectively. I'm currently in at $40 myself.

Disclosure: I'm a huge Swords & Wizardry fan. My Swords & Wizardry Light rules (published by Frog God Games and offered for free) should be available in a couple of weeks. I've met a number of folks behind the Hydra Collective and they are simply awesome folks.


  1. Slumbering Ursine Dunes by the same group is also very well done.

  2. This is excellent. Jason Sholtis is absolutely one of my favorite creative minds in the hobby today.

  3. Also, a DCC conversion version at the 20K level!


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