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A Peek at Swords & Wizardry Light - Comparing White Box Fighter Class to Light

Folks have been asking what the changes are in Swords & Wizardry Light from the previous versions of Swords & Wizardry.

Its less changes and more "less" with some "more".

Light takes Swords & Wizardry and breaks out its core essence, and does so in four pages. With four core classes and four core races.

Let's look at the Fighter entry in Swords & Wizardry White Box.
The Fighter 
You are a warrior, trained in battle and in the use of armor and weapons. Perhaps you are a ferocious Viking raider, a roaming samurai, or a medieval knight. Whatever type of Fighter you choose to play, you will probably end up on the front lines of your adventuring party, going toe-to-toe with dragons, goblins, and evil cultists, hacking your way through them and taking the brunt of their attacks.  
The Fighter character is best equipped of all the character classes to dish out and absorb damage. Clerics heal, and Magic-users cast spells, but the down-and-dirty hack and slash work is up to you. 
You’re going to serve as the party’s sword and shield, protecting the weaker party members and taking down the enemies before you. Perhaps one day they will tell legends of your battle prowess, and followers will flock to your castle stronghold—where you revel in your fame, riches, and newly earned nobility. Fail, of course, and you will die—just another forgotten warrior in a dangerous world. 
Table 5: Fighter Advancement 
Level    XP HD BHB ST
1         0    1+1   +0  16
2   2,000     2     +1  15
3   4,000     3     +2  14  
(add in levels 3 through 10)
Fighter Class Abilities 
Weapon/Armor Restrictions: Fighters are trained in warfare and as such have no armor or weapon restrictions. 
Combat Machine: Against foes of one hit dice (HD) or fewer, Fighters get one attack per level each turn. 
Saving Throw: Fighters get +1 on saving throws vs. death and poisons. 
Establish Stronghold (9th): At ninth level, a Fighter character who chooses to build a castle is considered to have the rank of “Baron” bestowed upon him by the local ruler or monarch and may choose to attract a body of loyal men-at-arms who will swear fealty to him. 
XP Bonus for Strength: This class bonus is due to a high strength attribute.
Here's the Fighter entry from Swords & Wizardry Light (prior to final edits)
The Fighter 
You are a warrior, trained in battle and in the use of armor and weapons.
Hit Dice: 1+1 HD at 1st level, a 2nd HD at 2nd level and a 3rd HD at 3rd level.
Saving Throw: 16 at 1st level, 15 at 2nd level and 14 at 3rd level.
Basic Hit Bonus (BHB): +1 at 2nd level and +2 at 3rd level.
-    Fighters start with either Long Sword or Battle Axe (1d6 damage) and Bow / Chain          Armor and Shield AC 4[15] or Two Handed Sword (1d6+1) and Crossbow / Chain          Armor AC 5[14]
-    Fighters have no armor or weapon restrictions. Against foes of 1 Hit Dice (HD) or            fewer, Fighters get one attack per level each round. Fighters also get +1 on saving            throws vs. death and poisons.
Not only are you getting information on what your character can do, you are also getting weapon and armor choices as well as the damage they do and the protection they give. The idea is to expedite character creation and get the player right into the game. Four classes as well as the spells for Cleric and Wizard fit on one page.

Spells were tweaked for both space concerns and usability. For example, Knock and Wizard Lock became:
Knock – Lock
Range: Close  Duration: Permanent until dispelled - The targeted door, gate or portal can be opened or locked by this spell. A locked target is unlocked and opened (including those locked by this spell) Targets locked by this spell can be unlocked by this spell or broken by brute force (GM’s discretion)
There you go. A short peek of what's in store. Now I need to spend some time on the Light Support Page ;)


  1. I like the 5e-style of giving a quick character creation :)

  2. This is Awesome! Keep it coming, I can't wait to try Light out.

  3. What version of S&W White Box did you take that fighter description from?

    1. Well damn! That flavor is way better than what is in the 3rd printing. I wonder why it was changed? Ah, the mysteries of WB...


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