Thursday, October 20, 2016

Swords & Wizardry Light - Working on a One Sheet Open Content Sandbox Setting

Remember this map from my summertime mapping? Well, its going to be a one sheet sandbox setting for Swords & Wizardry Light.

No name for it yet, but it's going to have just enough description of the main locations to provide some hooks. It will be open content, so the community can detail certain locations further and even drop published adventures into it.

Did I mention we already have three OSR adventure writers planning to write adventures for SWL? I don't even have advance print copies to give out to them yet ;)

Very exciting times.

I expect to have the support page for Light up and running by the end of the month with continual updates to the setting as the community adds them and content additions / options for Light itself.


  1. Nice! I was telling some of the new-to-tabletop-gaming people in my gaming group about S&WL and they started asking a bunch of questions about it and S&W - it might just be the gateway drug I need to get them into OSR.

    I like the map - what did you create it in? I can barely draw stick figures so am always on the lookout for new mapping programs. I use hexographer currently for most stuff.

  2. I fully support this sandbox idea. You have both my sword AND my axe.

  3. It's a neat idea, the "one page" campaign starter.

  4. Damn... All this talk about S&W Light. It needs to be released already :)

    1. Soon sir, soon.

      There is a lot of support planned for this little system...

    2. While I'm working on the Fantasy Grounds ruleset for S&W, do you want me to create one for S&WL? I can also create the character sheet for use with Roll20 also. Granted, games are always better in person but for some it isn't always an option, so figure might as well offer to make it as available as possible.

    3. Light should be compatible with the full ruleset for S&W, although a character sheet for Roll20 would be awesome :)

    4. Alright, I'll email you when I'm closer to starting on it so I can make sure I cover what you want to see on it.

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  6. Always room for another setting. Looking forward to it.


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