Saturday, September 3, 2016

Gamehole Registration Opened Today - Con is November 4th Through 6th, 2016

I spoke with Alex earlier today. About a thousand badges already sold. 1150 games. Hotels in the area are filling up fast (if they haven't already.) Everyone I've spoken to that has gone to a previous Gamehole tells me that Alex runs and amazing con. That includes similar kind words from Bad Mike of NTRPG Con fame.

Sadly, I won't be making it this year. Between transitioning to a pension (and the associated budget adjustments) and Rach just last week being permanently designated director of her treatment program (she has ben doing the job as a temporary designation since early March) this Fall is shot for me. That being said, I do expect con reports from any and all Taverners that manage to attend - we'll post them here.

There may be something special in the Gamehole swag bags. Or not. Too early to say anything. Did I say something? I know nuthink!


  1. Highly recommended, I went last year for the first time, and I wish finances allowed the NTRPG con to have the breadth and scope of Gamehole Con. Very impressed with how well it was run, it was easily one of the tightest run cons I've ever attended. Thumbs up!

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