Friday, September 2, 2016

For Those That Have Asked, Paypal Subscriptions to Support The Tavern are Now Available

When I revealed The Tavern's financials 2 weeks ago, I had a number of inquiries as to accepting Paypal donations. Some didn't like the idea of signing up for Patreon. Others preferred dealing with Paypal directly. Some didn't like the idea of reoccurring payments.

Well, I've covered the first two issues with the current Paypal subscription options available in the upper right hand corner of this page. The advantage with going directly with Paypal is Patreon fees aren't deducted, so your donation goes further.

As for one time donations, which I have accepted in the past and will gladly accept now and in the future, you can send your donation to PayPal.Me/TenkarsTavern

Any amount goes far in supporting The Tavern.

I've been told that the only place one can find "investigative journalism" in the RPG Community is here, at The Tavern. That isn't so. There are others but they do tend to focus on singular events. The Tavern has "multiple investigative threads" ;)

The Tavern does not accept commercial advertising. It's support is solely from the RPG Community.

Alright, I'll try to hold off on stirring any more shit for a few days :)


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