Friday, September 2, 2016

Ken Whitman - You Liked the End Credits? I'll Add YOU for $10 More! (Spinward Traveller)

I went with a screenshot so you can see the spelling and grammatical mistakes made by Ken's own hand. Two mistakes in the first paragraph alone.

So, folks have been clamoring to have their names added to the credits of this non-release? Sure they are Kenny. But since Kickstarter won't let you create any more projects, you need to try a new angle to separate suckers from their money.

You can get "backer credit" for a mere $10, a savings of $30 off the Kickstarter. Sure, you don't get a DVD or BluRay, but neither will anyone else!

Oh, and I love how the money will go towards "editing" as it's obvious Ken doesn't even proofread his emails.

Buy now! Supplies are limited. Free Pencil Dice with every order, just pay separate shipping and handling charges (this is in no way a valid offer. Just send money. All of it. Kids, don't ask your parents. Just put the cash in the mail)


  1. "More than a few of you have asked if you can get your name in the credits.."

    More like:

    "More than a few of you suckers still have some foldable green in your wallets I haven't used for beer money yet...

  2. Hey man, you can buy a "bundle of presents" for Candy Crush for only $16. People like buying nonsense.

  3. There is also a hint on the Whit Studios Facebook page at what happened to "Girl Downtown," that "birthday present" Whit-less was making for his daughter. Scrolling down the page brings up "Stills and photos from a short we shot here in Atlanta." The film is identified as "Resonant Body," but the scenes are obviously from "Girl Downtown." Looks like Whit-less recycled some or all of "Girl Downtown" into another project. "Girl Downtown" was to have been a feature movie funded on GoFundMe and submitted to Sundance. Then all references to it (incl. an IMDB entry) suddenly vanished some time ago.

    1. My guess was that a feature-length project was never intended. It is more likely that he wanted to film some little thing to feature his daughter and just wanted other people to fund it.

  4. I guess he wants to get the all rolling by having you pay for editing your name into the end credits which he showed are done but the feature is not till the end of the year. Wonder how long before squre shuts done this con.


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