Sunday, August 28, 2016

There's a NEW Podcast in Town - Dead Games Society - Texas Chapter - Old School Blues Podcast - Episode "Zero" is LIVE!

Something "Old" - an Old School Gaming Podcast

Something "New" - it's a "new" podcast

Something "Borrowed" - thank you to the Dead Games Society podcast for letting us share their name - you folks rock!

Something "Blue" - It's the Old School Blues Podcast!

Join +Vincent Florio , +James Spahn and me as we talk about time travel in gaming and just about every tangent we can think of. Actually, grab a beer, snag some chips and sit down for some Old School goodness.

There's an Easter Egg in the podcast BTW. I announce something that hasn't been announced yet regarding Swords & Wizardry and yours truly.

So, what are you waiting for? Go listen!
In this episode you will meet the three hosts of this show as they chat back and forth about the topic of Time Traveling in your fantasy games. The purpose of our shows is to provide that relaxed “around the table” listening feel of a podcast. We want to focus on D&D from the ’80s and OSR related products, but that doesn’t mean from time to time we will not dip our toes into other games from the era of TSR D&D. 
So still back and listen to Vince, Erik and James as they bring you the “Old School Blues” Podcast!


  1. Nice podcast! Shout for the Price of Freedom RPG! There is also a supplement ("Your Own Private Idaho" - http://paizo.com/products/btpy8n8d?The-Price-of-Freedom-Your-Own-Private-Idaho) and a GM's screen with a Soviet soldier creator supplement (https://onsizzle.com/i/pack-troops-rules-for-soviet-the-eight-panel-gm-screen-of-2142101).

  2. I listened to it yesterday during my drive to work and it's really good! Keep at it guys!


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