Thursday, September 1, 2016

Does ENWorld Publish ANY Sean Fannon "News Articles" That AREN'T Stroke Jobs? (Follow Up Post - Rant)

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(This post is a follow up post to this post)

Really, its a valid question. Does ENWorld publish "News Articles" by Sean Fannon that AREN'T Stroke Jobs? Because when it comes to Sean Fannon, every thing is awesome!

I had hoped to find some critical thinking at the RPG New & Reviews website, but no. Instead, we get Sean telling us how "Gareth Michael Skarka is an icon in the game hobby and industry that is hard to ignore."

Sure he's Iconic in the game hobby and industry - as someone who, 5 years later, still hasn't released his promised work - Far West. Someone who has outright lied about dozens of completion dates. Someone who managed to screw up a deal to save his ass with Cubicle 7. Who finds time to tweet throughout the day but goes silent on his Kickstarter page for days or weeks at a time.

Yeah, he's an icon alright. He sits right up there with serial Kickstarter abuser Ken Whitman. Sean, when can we expect Kenny's stroke job?

Even with this warning, the comments call Gareth on his shit, which Sean is not willing to do 

Even Sean's Picks aren't based upon perceived quality - it's Sean's work, his friends' work, nepotism through and through. Sean does it for the affiliate sales, but why does ENWorld tolerate it?

I'm guessing it's for the advertising. When folks put up ads and pay you money, they don't want critical thinking. They don't want negativity about anyone's products. They want a Happy Happy Joy Joy website, where everyone strokes each other's ego and few, if any, bother to think.

Whenever I think of opening The Tavern's doors to sponsorship, I look at ENWorld and realize it would never work. The Tavern would be neutered and soulless.

Everything is Awesome!


  1. Here is a link to the actual article: http://www.enworld.org/forum/content.php?3740-Adamant-Entertainment-2-0-Rebirth-of-a-Brand-Return-of-a-Stalwart#.V8kAPvkrKUk

  2. "It's been an interesting week, folks, as I dive more headlong into my expanded duties and presence here on EN World. You've probably noticed a number of articles from me and my colleagues here over on the EN News Network. I've also started putting together some articles for our high level sponsors, helping them promote their stuff as well (such as the Hunters Mark KS for 5E). Yeah, it's a fine, fuzzy line between news, promotion, and outright advertising... but at the end of the day, I believe letting you know about all the cool gaming stuff is the point, so on we go."


  3. So much of entertainment and sports journalism is like that. It's GamerGate all the way down, man

  4. Folks used to advertise on news. That? That is editorial co tent posing as news.

  5. Eric Noah would be spinning in his grave, were he dead.

    I miss old EN World.

  6. On FB one of the writers said he's in the games industry and it's his job to coordinate and help the people he covers.awful site.

  7. And it's exactly why N.E.W. was added to DriveThruRPG's catalog on August 19th of this year and is already a Best GOLD Seller. Advertising works and when it gets continuous front-page attention, it will generate sales.

    So, if you own the record label and the radio station, is it not payola?

  8. Fucking amen. That dude kills me and his shit is weak sauce. Shaintar is over rated. Rifts works, but his constant shilling is awful.

  9. If you want the opposite of stroke-jobs, come to theRPGsite !

  10. I've been disappointed with Enworld for years, it's showing no signs of improving.


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