Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Deal of the Day - Grit & Vigor (OSR Pulp)

This almost escaped my eagle eyes ;)

+John Stater is a machine when it comes to taking OSR styled rulesets in to different genres and Grit & Vigor is no different. Or rather, it IS different.
Your pulse pounds 
Beads of sweat run down your brow 
You grip your pistol tighter 
It can all be yours 
It just takes GRIT & VIGOR 
GRIT & VIGOR is the game of bold ventures for rugged fellows. Roll up a character, buy some gear, and get down to business. G&V is rules lite and options heavy. In its 200 pages, you'll find everything from monsters to machine guns, with advice on running all sorts of modern campaigns, from gentlemanly mysteries to espionage to explorations into the unknown. It also includes a timeline of adventure, covering the years 1880 to 1939, with important events of those years as well a selection of the firearms, cars, planes and military vehicles of those years. Future supplements will expand that coverage back to the Golden Age of Piracy and forward into the far future. 
GRIT & VIGOR is compatible with most old school games, including BLOOD & TREASURE.
Grit & Vigor is on sale for $6.59 until tomorrow morning.

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