Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tenkar's Tavern Cards Have Arrived - They Look Sharp

I'm very impressed with the sharpness of the front of the card. The colors "snap" (the above shot does not do it justice)

Now, the above back is for Rach and filled out as a sample of sorts. The numbering uses metallic blue ink, the date and my signature (such as it is) are in green metallic ink. I wanted to do the same with the names but some names are too long and will be lucky to fit on 2 lines with a fine tip black ink pen.

I also have metallic pink, but that almost looks like a blood and puss mixture ;)

So, comments on the back? Go with the colors? Go all black? Go all metallic and find a way to make the really long names fit ;)

I'm hoping to have the first 50 cards or so in the mail sometime Friday. Then I am gone for a 3 day weekend. Then I'm back to mailing cards. Want a card? Email me at tenkarstavernDOTcommunity at that Gmail DOT com thing. I'll need a snail mail address.


  1. I think mostly black with perhaps your signature in a different color?

  2. I like the metalics. But the names in black makes sense or at least it does for the long named people.

  3. Name in black. Number and your signature in metallic.

  4. Name in black. Number and your signature in metallic.

  5. Roll 1d10 for the each item on the following table:
    # | Ink Color |
    1 | Black |
    2-5 | Blue |
    6-9 | Green |
    10 | Blood-Pus |


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