Monday, June 13, 2016

Tenkar's Tavern Community Cards - 270+ Requested - Still Available for Free - Expecting to Mail First 50 By Friday

You know how I said I'd never do a Kickstarter? I suddenly feel like I'm doing one ;)

We are at about 275 requests for Tenkar's Tavern Community Membership Cards. Yes, I'm shipping them worldwide for free. Yes, we are accepting more requests. Yes, membership has it's privileges.

The latest shipping update indicates I should have the cards tomorrow. I'm hoping to have the first 50 cards or so in the mail sometime Friday. Then I am gone for a 3 day weekend. Then I'm back to mailing cards. Want a card? Email me at tenkarstavernDOTcommunity at that Gmail DOT com thing. I'll need a snail mail address.

I have NEVER done anything on this scale before. The notoriously uncoordinated and disorganized Tenkar is actually using a spreadsheet for this. I'm hoping to have all of the current requests in the mail within 3 weeks, but I really have no idea how time consuming this will be. I have most of the first 50 entries on the spreadsheet, but still waiting on some Patreons to finalize it all.

You do get the majority of the benefits upon request, as I'm sending the requests for the Tenkar's Tavern Google Community within hours if not minutes. It is important that you join the online community, as that is where we are sharing the discounts and freebies. It is invite only. You get your invite upon requesting your free card.

It is important to use the discount codes and links available to you from the community if they interest you. You are not doing yourself, or the publisher / venue / retailer any good by paying full price. By using the links / codes, you are showing the influence of the Tenkar's Tavern Community as a whole. There are many discounts / freebies in the works and if they interest you, use them. I myself are very close to using the Gamehole discount for Rach and I. There are other discounts / promotions I hope to secure for this focused, Old School Gaming Community (yes, that's how I plan to "sell this" to other publishers)

When you ask "where does The Tavern's Patreon funds go to?" or "what do the OBS affiliate funds go to?" this is one of your answers. It goes back to the OSR, Old School Gaming and to the loyal readers of The Tavern.

Thank you for putting your faith in me. Thank you for sharing this expanded community (the blog, the G+ Community, the Facebook Community and the new Google Group Invite Only Community) with me. If you have offers of discounts or free material you want to give to Tenkar's Tavern Card Holding Members, you know where to find me ;)

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