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Sunday, June 12, 2016

NTRPG Con Pic Post - Look Ma, I Actually Met People for Real This Time!

I promised more NTRPG Con pics and I have them. Not a huge amount of selfies, but I was apparently too busy talking to people. I need to talk less and take more pics ;)

There are more pics.

Next pic post - Ghostbusters :)

left in the The Tavern's Room for me upon arrival
left in hotel room due to lack of space in luggage
must be a cop - he turned his badge around when he saw the camera ;)

that's not the man you think it is, or is it?

damn, i must have screwed up - my badge can be read

damn it!

the shirt i'm wearing I got in 98
I'm amazed it still fits
Chris is amazed too
he forgot to turn his badge around
look ma, i'm a sponsor!

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