Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Stephen Marsh Adds His NTRPG Con 2016 Scenario to The Tenkar's Tavern Community Card Benefits

The response to the Tenkar's Tavern Free Membership Card and Google Community has been overwhelming, not just from gamers that want their slick card but from publishers, conventions and even game writers.

Last night Stephen Marsh forwarded me his 2016 NTRPG Con Scenario, Volume 2 of City of the Revenant, for the use by members of the Tenkar's Tavern Community:
This is a pdf release of the OSR scenario I ran at the 2016 NTPRG Con. It is provided for free for members of Tenkar’s Tavern as of June 2016. You may make up to ten copies for personal use and may run the scenario. This is not a general release or a release for purposes of making derivative works. I eventually hope to find a publisher for the complete work.
How do you get access to such an exclusive adventure?

First, you need to request your very own FREE Tenkar's Tavern Card which will ship anywhere in the world. Email your request to tenkarstavernDOTcommunity AT that Gmail thing. Give it at least 3 weeks to get your card at this point, as we are closing in on 300 requests and I only received the cards yesterday.

Second, you'll need to join the Tenkar's Tavern Community Group on Google. I'll send you an invite when you request your card. The group seems to work best with Gmail email addresses.

Much thanks to Stephen Marsh for his generosity. Expect more benefits over the next days and weeks.

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