Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tim Kask Asks a Few More Questions about the Gygax Memorial Fund (and some steps I'm taking)

As I've said before, I have a few more questions about the Gygax Memorial Fund myself, but some of those will be answered by my ordering the Fund's annual reports filed with the state and reviewing the minutes of the Lake Geneva City Council. The minutes are a bit of a chore, as I don't have the dates that the Fund appeared before the Council, but I've got the time now to do the research.

+Tim Kask made some valid points in his post earlier today regarding the Fund. Probably the biggest sticking point at this juncture is that the city and the Fund disagree on where to place the Memorial. As the city has final say on the memorial site and haven't changed their decision in years (and from what I can tell have no intention to change their collective City Council mind) it appears the Fund is tilting a windmill.

Still, as per the Fund "The GMF staff have been most pleased with the enthusiasm and support of the City of Lake Geneva for the statue project" it appears that they have a good feeling that the project will be able to progress.

The minutes will tell the story I'm sure. Just need to find those needles in the haystack ;)


  1. Let me know if you need a hand sorting through records.....

  2. I don't have much faith in a woman who would sue her step children over their usage of their own last name. Eventually you just have to call the memorial fund a wash. I don't think it's happening.


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