Friday, May 6, 2016

Post 3 of 3 of the Gift Giving - Tavern Readers Raised Over $1000 for the Chuck Wright Medical and Recovery Fund!

Post #3 of 3 -   Post #1 is here - Post # 2 is here. Note there will be a bonus post for gifts put back in the pool by receivers that already have the gifts in question.

Yep, readers of The Tavern raised over $1000 for Chuck Wright's medical and recovery expenses. $1045 to be exact. With the $250 in matching funds from The Tavern itself, it puts us at a hair under $1300.

There are a ton of gifts to award. If you see you're name on the list with a gift, email me at tenkarsDOTtavern at that gail thing. Put GIFT in the subject line. Give some time for a response. I am but a single tavern keeper ;)

I'm splitting the gift awarding into multiple posts. Partly for my sanity and partly to double the opportunity for you, my readers, to see the posts in question. I'd like to thank all that donated to Chuck Wright's Medical and Recovery Fund and everyone that donated gifts for the gifters. Y'all rock!

- 5 PDF Copies of The Carnival of the Damned are gifted to Ngo Vinh-Hoi, Fellwalker, Timothy Brannan, Steve Komegat and Todd Reed

- 5 PDF Copies of Far Away Land: Tome of Awesome are gifted to Sean Poynter, Doug Sims, Will Tijerina, Keith G Nelson and James Spahn

- 5 PDF Sets of a full run of Crawling Under a Broken Moon in PDF (issues #1-#13) are gifted to Eliyahu Sandler, Tony T., Kelly L'Roy, Keith Mullen and Johnny F. Normall

- 1 PDF Bundle of everything +John Stater has published (NOD, Blood & Treasure, Grit & Vigor, much more) is gifted to GoblinTown

- 1 Stock Art Bundle by +Denis McCarthy is gifted to Tim Baker

- 2 $25 RPGNow Gift Certificates donated by The Tavern are gifted to Vance Atkins and Davario - Dave D

I'm going to give it time over the weekend before collecting all the responses and reaching out to get gifts in motion. Later next week we'll do a drawing for the gifts put back in the pool :)


  1. Well I missed out but congrats to all that got a little bit of OSR family loving, and awesome to see the response for Chuck!

  2. Appease enter only the ones that did not get anything into the redraw and spread the goodwill around

  3. Thanks for your generosity in putting the word out there and organizing, and to the community for giving something back to Chuck!

  4. Congratulations Eliyahu Sandler, Tony T., Kelly L'Roy, Keith Mullen and Johnny F. Normall! Please contact Erik so I can get you your prizes!


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