Sunday, May 1, 2016

I Never Realized the Gygax Memorial Fund has a Facebook Page and it was Updated!

Really. I had no idea. Silence for over a year can do that. No matter what you think of the questions asked by +Tim Kask and myself, it seems they have spurred a virtual avalanche of info on the Gygax Memorial Fund.

Now, if only the info was actually at the Fund's website...


  1. Nice to see an update, but opening para on educating us about accounting rules, but not doing so....

    The interesting bit is "I am waiting for the right time to approach City Council to give us land in Library..."

    then further down, "Rest assured, we have land." Hmm, so which one is it?

    This year they plan to have construction expenses, so all this is going to happen quickly, good news ;-)

  2. This looks to be written by Ken Whitman...

  3. Doubletalk and stalling tactics. For one thing, if you need a city council to approve a location, you make that request as early as possible as governments take forever to do anything.

  4. Problem I don't see mentioned very often, while Gail was given a spot for the statue it's not the spot she wanted, and the Council has not been receptive to the location Gail wants. Thus, the statue is nowhere close to being ready to go until this location is set.


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