Sunday, May 15, 2016

Free - Harn Region Map - PDF (Columbia Games)

Harn products are not cheap, even in PDF.

That being said, the Harn Region Map went free in PDF earlier this year for "a limited time only." How long is that limited time? Your guess is as good as mine.

I was a fan of Harn back when it first released in my early days of gaming, and probably bought the Harn setting back in 84 or 85. You could literally spend a fortune getting everything that is released for it, but the free map shows you the attention to detail that is part and parcel of the setting.


  1. Where is a good place to get started with Harn? I have some product from a few years back they gave away at the free RPG day and I've always been interested

    1. Pick one of the five kingdoms and read through it carefully. The shorthand versions are: Melderyn = island of reputed wizards who seek to guide all other kingdoms semi-benevolently; Orbaal = viking adventurers who recently raided Melderyn and have a rebellion bubbling at home; Rethem = thieves, assassins & skullduggery; Kanday = feudal kingdom recovering from two recent wars (with Rethem & Tharda) seeks to keep border skirmishes from escalating to third major war; Tharda = late-era Roman empire inches closer to tipping point; Kaldor = elderly king with no legitimate heir means Game of Thrones is about to start; Chybisa = tiny pocket kingdom with an impregnable fortress hopes both Melderyn & Kaldor forget about their respective claims on Chybisa's throne.
      Each Kingdom book has a plethora of hooks, potential plots and interesting characters for custom adventuring. One kingdom book and one or two city supplements can keep you going for quite a while. (But I've found once you buy a few, you start buying the rest of 'em.)
      Also, check out the free and legal fansite, Lythia.com for fan-made supplements and sundry extras.

  2. King Skalmad's advice is good but personally I'd start with Kaldor (I did). The largest kingdom and full of intrigue. Surrounded by wilderness full of tribes and Gargun (Harnic orcs) and near the Elves and Dwarves if you want them. All that but isolated enough from the other kingdoms that you don't have to spend a fortune to jump in.


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