Saturday, May 21, 2016

Gathering of Fools - 2016 - Annual College Era Gaming Group Get Together

Each spring, sometime around May 21st, my old college era gaming group (which has it's roots in my high school era gaming group) does a get together in the memory of the friend and gamer that we lost on 9-11. Paul, we miss you every year, you live in our hearts and our gamer war stories forever.

Sadly, it took the loss of Paul to remind us of the need to renew out bonds every year, but every year we do have a blast. This year, copies of deluxe Tunnels & Trolls were given out as well as some duplicates from my gaming collection that were diced for. Fun times.

Name the movie pictured for a fabulous Marvel "No Prize". Thankfully, I successfully convinced the others to watch Deadpool instead.

I wore Thor socks then found our host, Brian had a Thor glass. Needless to say that was my glass for the day.

I feel tired but recharged emotionally after 2 long weeks, emotionally, mentally and physically. Tomorrow we record a podcast and I finish matching up prize receivers with those that are receiving prizes. Monday I get back to where I had planned to be this past Monday, which is somewhat caught up and on track.

Thanks for your patience, kind words and good thoughts. It's certainly helped with my stress levels these past 2 weeks.


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, I couldn't bear watching it again - once in a lifetime is more than enough ;)

    2. So you're the one who bought a ticket when this came out? Must've been lonely in the theater.

  2. Absolutely wonderful. Almost 10 years since I moved from CA to WA and I miss my old gaming buddies terribly and have made no gaming connections here. Keep it up, keep it going!


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