Thursday, May 19, 2016

Far West Promises Yet ANOTHER End of the Month Delivery Date - Which Month? Keep Guessing...

Gareth is simply amazing. I really mean that. Only one so full of themselves and blind to their own failings would promise YET ANOTHER end of the month delivery date for the phantom known as Far West.

BTW, when you make an update on your Kickstarter project, don't fault people for not getting updates via social media or the comments section of the Kickstarter. It's your responsibility to get the word out as to the progress (or lack there of) of your project. It IS NOT the backers responsibility to follow your fucking tweets about politics and your other shit, although this one is pretty accurate:

Yep, Gareth Skarka, making up Far West release dates since 2011...

So, without further comment (who the fuck am I kidding, there WILL be Grumpy Dwarf commenting) here's the latest Far West update.

Update #225 (imagine 225 updates and so many lies buried within)

May 18 2016 (I'm late with this post - I know)

Hey folks --

A lot of this information is repeated from stuff I've posted in the Comments section at Kickstarter, and on Twitter -- but I know that a lot of you don't keep up with that stuff, so I'm doing sort of a summary here. (really, why would anyone keep up with such stuff - it's your responsibility to update those of us that gave you money for a product that's gone down Kickstarter hell, it is not our responsibility to read your political posts in an effort to find the next Far West lies)

My teaching gig is over -- the institute is folding it's Game Design program, with the graduation of the current seniors.  I enjoyed my time there (and the ability it afforded me to take care of my lingering medical bills from my 2014 crisis), but if I'm being honest, the most recent semester, where I switched over to a full course load, was a mistake. (not for nothing, but if the program is being folded, I suspect there were a lot of mistakes) My work outside of class (including FAR WEST) was severely impacted (no it wasn't, it wasn't happening in any case - there's always been a reason or person to blame for the failure to produce, and taking responsibility instead of passing blame would be a first) and trying to keep up resulted in me working seven-day weeks, which isn't sustainable at all.  Bluntly, it kicked my ass, and I still didn't get things done.   So, in the end, I'm glad that I'm done with teaching, as I know can give all of my concentration to my work. (we've heard this story for the last 4 1/2 years. Nothings changed except the blame)

I was invited as a guest to ChupacabraCon last weekend (in Round Rock, Texas -- just outside of Austin), and getting to spend the weekend with a bunch of my game-industry colleagues and a bunch of enthusiastic gamers really recharged my batteries, and served as a nice transition back to "Game Designer" from "Teacher."   I'm back at work as of this morning (after a loooooong drive on I-35, and some much-needed sleep). (so, just how fast can you write a game that is past due and "almost done" for the last 4 1.2 years?)

With the ability to concentrate solely on what remains for FAR WEST, I'm expecting digital delivery somewhere around the end of the month. (Holy fucking shit! Really? Like "an angel got his wings" for real?)  Somewhere near the same time, you can also expect regular content updates to resume on the FAR WEST website. (you can't resume what never was)

A last, quick note on refunds:  Over the past few months, I've taken care of the folks to whom that was a priority.  Now that my teaching job has ended, I am no longer going to have the discretionary income to do so, without risking the ability to get everything done for everyone else.  So I'm putting a hold on any further refunds until after this is done -- and if anybody still feels strongly about it, we can talk further before physical shipment occurs.  (Which means the Kickstarter monies are all long spent, so don't expect physical copies anytime soon - or late)

As always, I'm available via comments, email, twitter, carrier pigeon and smoke signal.  I'm looking forward to finally being able to geek-out with you about the completed core book!

Thank you, as always, for your support and your patience.



  1. And still no Buckaroo Banzai years later.

  2. I have backed exactly three Kickstarters in my life, and shit like this is the reason why.

  3. Hundred and third verse, same as the first...


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