Monday, June 1, 2015

Printing Out the Free Far Away Land Quickstarts for NTRPG Con

I have 16 covers printed (using heavier paper than the insides) and 3 copies completely stapled up of the Far Away Land Quickstart. Gonna bring at least 12 copies with me. These copies do not include the Isle of the Rat Wizard as they are play copies for the players, not the GM.

I know conventional wisdom says you should provide your players with pregens, but as it took my highly distracted group about 20 minutes for 4 players to create characters via Roll20, I strongly suspect we'll have similar if not better results at NTRPG Con.


  1. Can you please write a small article how to print and create booklets like that? (or provide a link of somoene who knows how to do it). Thanks!

  2. That was really helpful! Thanks :)


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