Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Con Alert! Full Prep Mode Engaged!

Today will consist of packing, printing, prepping, organizing, clothes washing and other assorted sundries that need to be accomplished before tomorrow morning's flight to Dallas and the NTRPG Con.

Remember, there WILL be a Tavern Chat tomorrow night - 830 PM Eastern, 730 PM Central. It will be hosted from the hotel's bar. If you are at the con tomorrow night, want to join the chat and don't have hotel internet nor a hotspot, I'll turn by phone into a hotspot for the duration of the chat.

Not sure what other posts will get up today. I do have a review or two to put up, I just need to write them. If I don't do it today, they probably won't get done until next week.

Expect lots of NTRPG Con pics on the blog this week :)

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