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Friday, June 5, 2015

NTRPG Con - Day One - And There was Much Killing and Embarassed Stammeriing

More amazing art from none other than +Doug Kovacs 

Tonight Rach and I played in +James Aulds Labyrinth Lord / ASE session. We had a blast.

I never expected Rach to be the one to say:

"Hey, I've got flasks! I want some of that frogshit creature poison!"

"Maybe we can cut the poison and sell it for good cash!" I had to ask her if she thought she was cutting heroin. Couldn't help myself.

"I want to throw the poison in their eyes!" Yes, I married a bloodthirsty woman. Thankfully it only seems to play out that way at cons ;)

Prior to the game he had dinner and beers with +Doug Kovacs . The best part of conventions like NTRPG Con is the friends you get to spend time with. Gaming is secondary to socialization.

After the game, Rach and I headed to the hotel bar, where I finally got to meet +Mark Hassman face to face for the first time. Of course, the bar itself was filled with a literal who's who of gaming, from OD&D to 5e.

Then, in the elevator coming up to our room, none other than +Jeff Grubb read my name tag and said "Tenkar's Tavern. I read it all the time." Yep, a police sergeant with 19 years on the job can still get flustered when his gaming heroes of old recognize him for something as small as this blog. I think I was introduced to Zeb Cook, but I was too busy being embarrassed to be sure ;)


  1. Damn, Erik, you're making me feel bad that I couldn't make it there.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Likely was Zeb. He and Jeff were sitting next to me at the bar.


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