Sunday, May 3, 2015

White Star is NOW! Get it at a Discounted Price here at The Tavern!

Why have I been writing so much about White Star? Because it's the scifi RPG that I wouldn't just play in but I'd also run with as much enthusiasm as you've seen from my postings.

With it, I can easily run a Star Wars themed game or a Firefly themed game or a Classic Traveller universe game or Star Trek-ish or Babylon 5 or that space opera setting you always wanted to run but never wanted to get bogged down in all the rules... you get the idea. It's made to be flexible.

White Star is an OSR scifi toolbox.

White Star is a scifi sandbox.

White Star is here. Now. Today.

Did I mention it's written by the White Box Workhorse+James Spahn  and builds off the work of Mr. Swords & Wizardry himself, +Matt Finch ?

Normally priced at $9.99 for the PDF, you can get White Star from this very link for $7.99. Yes, a Tavern Special. Spread the word and share the link, as you won't find it elsewhere. Well, unless it's shared. Then you might find it at the fringes of the galaxy. That would be awesome!


  1. Replies
    1. i believe print is aimed for the end of the month, give or take.

      James would be able to give a more definitive answer.

    2. That's a good ballpark. Earlier if the proofs come back faster.

  2. So what does White Star do that, say, Stars Without Number doesnt? Seems like they fill similar niches, so I wonder what sets it apart.

    1. I would be interested in that as well.

    2. It's a much lighter system lighter system than SWN as it is inspired by S&W Whitebox

  3. Stars Without Number has a great deal more crunch, a more complex skill system, only uses a limited subset of classes, and adds a great deal of additional rules into the mix, and includes psionics. As Erik says it's White Box is much lighter and hews to a simpler system. But you can use a lot of SWN's generators to help you create stuff for WS, and the monsters can translate over with a little tweaking.

  4. This is the obligatory will-there-be-a-DM-screen-coming-soon? post.

  5. YOINKED. And purchased. Thanks for the heads-up to remind me of the release!


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