Tuesday, May 5, 2015

What Supplements Do You Want to See First for White Star?

We all know +James Spahn is the White Box Work Horse, so I'm looking for ideas to get him and others working on some White Star supplements.

I could (and probably should) put up a poll with this. Maybe later today, after we get some initial feedback.

Anyhow, ideas include:


New Classes

New Creatures (something I'm working on at The Tavern)

Setting / Campaign seeds

Encounter seeds

Tech Manual

more stuff not listed

Remember, anyone can play in the White Star sandbox. It's ripe for other publishers to expand upon and take in their own directions.

Give us some feedback.

If you haven't grabbed your copy of White Star yes, you can get a discounted copy of White Star at this link.


  1. Random encounter tables for the default setting.

  2. Second the above. Random encounter tables.

  3. Does it have a trademark license so we can label a supplement as White Star Compatible?

    1. there is a White Star compatibility logo in the White Star g+ community


  4. For me its always items both mundane and "magic". After that I think environments and adventures.

  5. I'm curious as to what will set White Star apart from my two beloveds, Stars Without Number and X-plorers. I might nab it just to see what I can steal and drop into other games.

    That cover is flippin' sweet, though.

    1. You must be a huge Jeff Dee fan! That's him!

    2. Matt - you have issues ;)

    3. Yeah, I'm curious what White Star offers that's distinct from X-plorers.

  6. Encounters. Random tables are okay as long as there is at least a paragraph to flesh out the encounter rather than just "12-13: space bandits"

  7. The book didn't feel toolboxy enough for me so tables of stuff like Alien qualities/abilities not covered in the spell section, and modular starship parts for building starships on the fly. Stats for skybike were something I didn't see in the vehicle section, which is something that would be welcome as that's one of the things that come to mind when I think of Flash Gordon.

  8. More racial class archetypes (something like Alien Scout, for example)
    Perhaps some kind of engineer/scientist/techie class
    Ground vehicles
    More advanced technology and weapons
    More space monsters ripped from the screens and pages of science-fiction (really, no Alien xenomorph?)

  9. I'm a big Tech fan, so a Tech Manual that mixes in Starships, Hardware, and a small selection of Tech-related Classes and Seeds would be great to see.

    I'd personally be in favor a series that echoes the D&D 3.0 Supplement release schedule, with specific books with content focusing on areas of interest with both Character Expansion Options and DM Storytelling Options (Complete Technology, Complete Xenology, etc.)


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