Sunday, May 3, 2015

I've Seen the Complete White Star RPG, and it Oozes with Goodness!

No, I'm not saying this to get folks jealous, I'm letting you know because I am just that excited about White Star. How excited?

I'm going to be tweaking one of my Patreon Milestones to reflect my excitement.

Starting with this month, the month of May, I'll be posting at least 4 encounters, creatures, locations or some combination of the above plus one mini-module per month right here on the blog. They will draw inspiration from the public domain comic art I've been digging through, and at least half of the encounters, creatures or locations with be for use with White Star. Every other mini-module will be for White Star. The rest of the content will be for Swords & Wizardry, Far Away Land and / or Tunnels & Trolls. Patrons will get this all wrapped up in a PDF once a month.

I may work on my first White Star piece tonight.

Oh, talking about tonight, I should have a special post going up 15 minutes after midnight. If you want to grab White Star at a discounted price, it is a post you should look for.

K, dinner time then back to work ;)


  1. Definitely going to be picking this up. I was thinking about publishing my own space opera game, but based on what I'm hearing about White Star, I might just do a setting and adventures for it, instead. It is OGL, right?

    1. Yep and there's even a compatibility logo. https://plus.google.com/114353196900064378257/posts/htKrJnayF7C

    2. That logo is actually a borked version that contains some extra content on the right for some reason. James has access to the corrected one.

      It can also be sourced here: https://plus.google.com/communities/111477905406133956099

  2. I'm very much looking forward to this game.

  3. Is that really the cover? If so, blech! Emphasis on a nondescript dude? Why? Gimme some hot space babe with a laser gun and/or a dude with a light saber and an alien with a jet pack or something that says '70s sci fi action-adventure! You gotta have a planet with rings in the sky as well.

  4. Why is Jeff Dee on the cover at all?!


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