Saturday, May 9, 2015

Thoughts on "Pocket Settings" for White Star

I was chatting with one of the regular Tavern readers last night and while talking about White Star the thought occurred to me - what I would like to see for White Star (and Swords & Wizardry and the like, but for today's post I'm going to focus on White Star) is a series of "Pocket Settings" - 4 pages meant to be printed out at 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" inches. Yep, a letter sized piece of paper folded in half and printed on both sides.

Scale could vary. For some, it might be a sector of space, a solar system, a space station, a planet, a city - whatever. Large enough to be it's own setting and sandbox.

First (front page) would be the map.

Second page would be a new class for White Star - because that makes the setting useful to folks that don't want to use the setting. Besides, new classes are cool.

Third page would describe the setting itself. Yep, you don't have much space for this so make it count.

Fourth page would be a series of adventure hooks.

My goal would be to give GMs enough to run with and be inspired by, but not so much it ties their hands. It should become THEIR setting and the setting of their players. It grows with them it ways I'd never have dreamed.

So, the question becomes - do I do this here on the blog? Do I publish it as a series of small PDFs at RPGNow? Even if I published it on RPGNow, bit and pieces would definitely appear at The Tavern - it just fits my style and method of writing.

Very much in the germination phase right now, so input would be appreciated ;)

Oh, and a big "Fuck You!" to +James Spahn . What, you think I don't have enough time sinks as it is? It's all your fault James. It's all your fault ;)

You can blame James too at a discount if you want to. Just don't blame me, I'm just the messenger.


  1. Fuck you, too my friend. Fuck you too. :-D

  2. I say you do them on the blog then make them available on RPGNow in compilations.

  3. I say you do them on the blog then make them available on RPGNow in compilations.

  4. I hope you do it. Love the plan and definitively something i would get. I also think you should do them on the blog, at least partially, then make it available at RPGNow.

  5. Great idea. What Nathaniel said. On the blog and then do a Best Of Compilation on RPGnow.

  6. Another +1 for what Nathaniel said. Do the singles on the blog, then put them into compilation PDFs every 6-10 or so.

  7. I don't know why the two (Tenkar's Tavern, RPGNow.com) have to be mutually exclusive. "Tenkar's Tavern" could amazingly easily become a publisher on RPGNow.com, letting RPGNow.com handle all the distribution for the PDFs which "Tenkar's Tavern" publishes.

  8. Sounds neat except for the new classes. Any decent class should be wide enough that you don't need all these subclasses and offshoots that keep cropping up.

    1. Could be new aliens, creatures, or Advanced Equipment.

  9. What about a pocketmod? Too small?


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