Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Nominations for the Three Castles Award (NTRPG Con) Have Been Announced

The Steering Committee has come back with their choices, and the four nominees for 2015 follow: 
Castle of the Mad Archmage+Joseph Bloch  
Scarlet Heroes +Kevin Crawford  
Inferno: Journey Through Malebolge - Paul Elkman 
AX2: d30 Sandbox Companion+Richard LeBlanc  
and the judges for this year's award are: 
Christopher Clark, Allen Hammack, Erol Otus, Merle Rasmussen, Steve Winter

The only entry I am not familiar with is Inferno. I guess I need to do some research. It should be a very interesting NTRPG Con in June.

(original post by +Michael Badolato over on the NTRPG Con forums)


  1. That's a surprise to me- some generous soul must've entered Scarlet Heroes on my behalf. The quality of the competition has been impressive, and so I let it slip amid my Kickstarter work so far this year.

  2. I can't imagine how CotMA got nominated, but congratulations to everyone who did.

  3. That's going to be a tough competition...

  4. Joe and Kevin, i believe someone (not the same someones?) sent your submissions in....well deserved, not the way it usually happens, you must have someone out there that likes you.

  5. I feel so different from last year 'round. This time I know all of the nominations, have read through three of them, and used two at the gaming table (Scarlet Heroes and the d30). Last year I was trying to figure out how the hobby worked again after a couple of decades off.

    I'm only sad that my Scarlet Heroes player got far too busy with school to continue. So it goes.

  6. Inferno was originally a Judges Guild module back in the day, written by Paul under the pseudonym Geoffrey O. Dale

  7. Malebolge is not a reissue of the 1980 Judges Guild module. The original was around 55 pages and limited in scope (pie slice versus circle) and scope (only 4 Circles). Journey through Malebolge is 300 pages, covers 10 Circles plus an adventure to get there, plus the escape from Hell, and is not limited in scope...you can tromp through the entire 1500 square miles of the Pit if you want to.



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