Monday, March 2, 2015

Announcing "Far 'n Away" - The Far Away Land RPG Podcast

Yes, you seen me get all fan boy about the Far Away Land RPG here at The Tavern and the FAL bug has bit a few others in the OSR community and beyond.

One of those bit was +Vincent Florio , one of my co-hosts on The Brainstorm Podcast. He got bit so bad he started thinking about producing a Far Away Land podcast. Vince asked me if I'd be interested in co-hosting. I said "YES!" without the need to think ;)

So, then we realized we needed a third host, because all good things come in threes.

We thought maybe we'd be able to get the game creator, Dirk Stanley, Mr. +Far Away Land RPG himself to guest on the first episode, but that wasn't to be.

Instead, we have Dirk as our third host. Yes, Far Away Land's creator will be one of the three hosts of the Far 'n Away Podcast.

We are aiming to record the first episode in three weeks time (Sunday, March 22 at 1 PM Eastern). We'll be using G+ Hangouts and recording Live, so you can even watch and ask questions via chat in real time.

How's that for a surprise announcement?

We have an email address you can send questions and topic suggestions to at Podcast@FNACast.com. If you'd rather call and leave us a voicemail it's 570-865-4210.

More as we get closer to launch. The podcast will have it's own website, and we may need a volunteer or two.

edit: for now we basically need some article & show note writers for the website.


  1. I would totally volunteer my time to such an endeavor. Count me in. :)

  2. You scored heavily getting the game's creator to co-host! Man! This podcast is going straight to the top of my playlist.

  3. This is awesome! The Brain Storm podcast has already become my go-to podcast. You guys have pushed Fear the Boot to the wayside (a combination of useful content and regularity).

    And I love Far Away Land. I'd have never heard of it, without this place.

    We played our first game last Saturday night. After some initial trepidation, on the part of one or two players, we ended up having a blast. Played through isle of the Rat Wizard and Whoa! Here Comes the Dead.

    We can't wait to play again. Can't wait for the podcast.


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