Monday, March 2, 2015

Bundle of Holding - Torg +2

I used to have all of the West End Games D6 boxed sets. Torg was one of them. As GM I really liked the setting, as it could never bore me. My players, however, weren't much on the D6 system, so we never really got to play it.

Torg + 2 is the second Bundle of Holding offering for Torg. I never realized how much there was available for the system.

I'll never get a change to read this in full in the near future, but I'll read it at some point. When I do, I'll be glad I grabbed it when I did.

Yeah, I'm in for more Torg.


  1. I played TORG back in the day too, but I didn't know there was a D6 version of it.

  2. TORG wasn't a d6 game at all. Mechanically it was closer to the DC Heroes system and the thing most people noticed about it at the time was the deck of cards that were used in play along with the usual dice and charts.

    Setting-wise it's part of the genre-mashing wave that came out in 1989-1990 that also include Shadowrun and RIfts.

    It's an interesting game but it's not part of the d6 system West End used on some of their games like Star Wars.


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