Wednesday, March 4, 2015

And the Winners of the Far Away Land Core Rules in PDF Are...

Holy something or other!

Over 120 entries in 8 hours. That has to be a record or something. Not one of those +James Spahn records, but still impressive.

Alright, let's get right down to it. Lets give away those copies of Far Away Land Core Rules in PDF.

The first winner is: Jason Buchanan - this is the copy I'm providing ;)

The second winner is: Justin Isaac - this is the copy generously donated by +matt jackson

The third and final winner is+Johua De Santo - this is the copy generously donated by +Tim Huntley

The winners need to email me at tenkarsDOTtavernATgmailDOTcom with their RPGNow info and I'll make sure it gets into the right hands.

Everyone else needs to get their own copy of Far Away Land - the PDFs are 30% off this week ;)


  1. I won something, woohoo! Can't wait to get this and load iT into the tablet

  2. Congratulations to the winners, you are getting one very good RPG!

  3. congratulations to the winners.!

  4. Awesome, happy birthday to me. ;)

  5. Amazing how many hands went up and said "Ooh ooh!"

  6. Wahoo! What a great way to come back from missing a day on the internet ;)


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