Thursday, January 8, 2015

Mark it on Your Calendars - Wednesday, January 14 @ 830 PM - Inaugural "Tavern Talk"

+Vincent Florio and myself will be hosting the inaugural weekly Tavern Talk Chat Session next Wednesday Night, January 14th @ 830 PM Eastern Time here at The Tavern using the chat widget you can see right now on the upper right corner of this page.

Vince already shared the info as an event over at G+ and the response in less than 12 hours has been very exciting.

Now, the question came up as to "what actually is going to go on at this 'chat session'?"

People will mingle, ask questions, make funny comments and most of all - make connections with other members of the OSR community and gaming at large. Sure, you might know some of the bloggers, podcasters, creators, artists, mappers and other personalities in our corner of the hobby but here is your chance to communicate with them and others in real time.

I'm excited to kick this off. It is planned as a weekly event, so hopefully it gets some real momentum going. I may get into the chat as early as 730, all depending on when my niece gets picked up. Otherwise, there will be lots of random typing going on ;)  My witching hour is 1030 my times, as I need to be at work at 6 am.

I'm trying to work out a once a month chat session in which the hours will be more friendly with those across the pond (and even further.) Give me a little time to set that up. When it's locked down, I'll announce it.

There is no need for 98% of you to sign up for anything to chat as the service recognizes most of the major social networks and online services for login purposes. Same with the forum (yeah, we have that too.)

New Year. Same Tavern. New Toys.


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