Thursday, January 8, 2015

Damn but it's Cold This Morning - Gaming Thoughts Have Fled

It was 9 degrees when I started up my car this morning. It was mid 60s this past Sunday.

I had some gaming thoughts bouncing around my head as I showered, but the moment the cold hit me they failed their morale roll and fled.

Hell, my fingers are STILL cold.

Last night's chat session went really well and will only get better as we work on a regular day and time for this. I say WE, as +Vincent Florio is going to co-host this with me. We are leaning towards Wednesday nights, 830 - 1000 PM Eastern. Great time to brainstorm some topics for the Brainstorm Podcast (hint hint ;)

Damn, I think I need some tea to shed this chill.


  1. yeah the cold here in NY is also Legit.
    stay warm ..
    I must have missed a post is that a G+ chat?

    1. we have a live chatbox installed at The Tavern

      upper right corner ;)

  2. Yesterday we had a high of -4 in the Twin Cities with windchill the low was -35. What was your problem?

  3. 1 degree F here in picturesque Bristol County, MA!

  4. Same here (Charleston WV). It was in the upper 50's last weekend and today it's 4 degrees. Just in case any foreigners or Yankees thought the South was always warm.

  5. Yeah, we were annoyed in Minneapolis yesterday because the temp was -8F and they closed school. I mean, seriously: don't talk to me unless it's -11F or lower AND the wind chill is -40 or lower, or it's -20 or lower in any condition.

    Hell, when I was at Northwestern, I walked to class from off-campus when it was -28F and -70F with wind chill.


  6. Yeah, I think it got down to the mid-70s the other day. And at night I think the low was in the 60s.

  7. its gone up 20 degress here in southern nh since dawn, its a balmy 8 degrees F and the feral cat that lives under my barn is warming itself in the sun.

  8. Wind chill factors well below zero here, and the drafty building I work in has me considering Taun-Tauning a colleague, so I feel your pain.

  9. Come on down to Manitoba. its currently -17 F. the other day it was -38. Why do I live where the air hurts my face.


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