Monday, January 5, 2015

Added a Chat Box to The Tavern - Will Announce "Official" Chat Times at a Later Date

The real chat is on the right -->

Yep, in addition to the Forums, henceforth known as Tenkar's Tavern Common Room, I've added a chat box, Tavern Chat. ChatWING allows you to sign in with pretty much any of the usual social media suspects so you probably don't have to sign up for anything (the forums need an account if you want to post, but any can lurk.)

I'm going to try and work out a schedule where a night or two a week I will definitely be lurking in chat for an hour or two, answering questions and generally chatting. I'll be there often anyway, but knowing when can make it a regular weekly event.  I do like the idea of an RPG Trivia Night. That could be really cool.

2015 - New Year. Same Tavern. Some new decor ;)

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