Monday, January 5, 2015

Introducing the "Tenkar's Tavern Community Room" - A Forum of Sorts

New year. New experiment.

One of the things I love about G+ is the lively discussions. One thing I hate is the damn near impossibility of finding a thread days, let alone weeks later.

I want a place where The Tavern's community can post about looking for games, looking for players, excellent gaming blogs and resources, Kickstarters (good, bad or simply amusing), suggest blog post topics, elevator pitch guest posts, suggest topics for The Brainstorm Podcast, give feedback on what we do here - basically all the good things about a forum except for the name calling ;)

So, I've put together a forum for use here at The Tavern. It's integrated into it's own Blogger page. If it does well and gets used, I'll pony up the cash to run it ad free after the first month. If it turns into a forum wasteland, I'll let the ads run.

This doesn't replace commenting on blog posts or discussions over on G+. Think of it as a supplement for The Tavern. Completely optional. Hopefully useful.

The Tenkar's Tavern Community Room can be found at this link as well as the link on the right side of the page.

I may need to commission a button or banner for this...


  1. eh... another thing to register for.. no thanks

    how about just creating your own reddit board instead? You'd have complete control, it's free, and it's pretty searchable.

    1. Mike, this supplements the blog, it doesn't replace it. All can read the comments and threads at the forum without registering.

      I really have little idea how Reddit works. Go figure ;)

  2. We really need a live "Tavern Chat". I'd be assured to lay down some gnarly opinions espeically if I hada few whiskeys in me...

  3. that we could do. Just snagged a quart and a half of Fireball whiskey myself. Well, the wife actually did, but I benefit too ;)

    maybe one Friday night a month.

    need to think on this

  4. For many years (six?) We've had a friday night Acaeum chat hosted at tbe NTRPG CON website. Attendance has fallen off recently but it is a great way to know fellow members a little more personally. Once a month would be great...


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