Sunday, January 4, 2015

Kickstarter - Micro Quest Cards - By Lloyd Metcalf (RPG Greeting Cards / OSR)

Over the next day or so there will be a handful of Kickstarter posts. If you have no interest in Kickstarter and the gaming material available from creators that use the system, you have been warned ;)

+Lloyd Metcalf (Lesser Gnome art jockey) gives us Micro Quest Cards - greeting cards and RPG adventures all rolled into one.

Lloyd, I fucking curse you, as now I will HAVE to send out greeting cards in 2015 - at least to certain patrons of The Tavern.

It's like chocolate and peanut butter, an impossible combination until actually done, at which point folks go "holy shit this is good!"

Yeah, I'm already in for this. Lloyd has come through in a timely fashion before, and as he has nearly a whole year to get these done (he is aiming for April 2015 - I'll need to give these to my wife or I'll lose them in the intervening months.

In +Lloyd Metcalf 's own words:

Micro Quest Cards 

Will combine the lessons learned from My RPG Greeting Card Kickstarter and my RPG Mini Mod Kickstarter into a new and fun RPG supplement that I have dubbed Micro Quest Cards.

These will be 5x7 greeting cards in all respects, except these cards are more adventurous and unique.

Instead of having blank interiors and simple images, these "Greeting Cards" will be 5"x7" 4 page adventure hooks and lair encounters printed on the same superior quality 14pt scored greeting card stock I used before.

Why waste interiors and backs of greeting cards with blank space... for what?
So you can profess your love?
Wish holiday greetings?
Write mushy sentiment?

Trust me on this, you are FAR better off sending an edge of your seat adventure!
It's a greeting card like NO OTHER ready to be added to any RPG table as a GM extra!
The card REALLY IS the gift!

Give ADVENTURE not sappy greeting cards with cats!!


  1. This sounds like a totally awesome idea.

  2. Erik...No my friend.. NOT almost a year. April 2015 is 3 months from Kickstarter ending.


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