Saturday, May 17, 2014

Wayward Kickstarter - Legend: Fantasy RPG in the World of Thera (Shoot for the Stars, Land on Your Ass)

Isn't the next generation fantasy RPG based on the popular d20 system D&D 5e?

Legend (isn't this becoming one of the most overused titles for an RPG these days?) is a classless D20 system that has already been Kickstarted. Wait, nope. Just another D20 OGL game with the same fucking title.

 Illustrating Legend is the original that used the "Legend" name. It asked for $3,500 and took in over $11,000 back in April of 2102.

You can actually download the original PDF for free here. I'm not passing judgement on it, just pointing to where it is freely available.

Anyhow, this new d20 Legend RPG is asking for $25k. For what, you might ask? Let me show you the "pie chart":

Now, they've only raised $290 of the $25,000 they are seeking, so that pie chart is about 99% empty right now. I expect it will remain around that level.

And look, the project creator is so knowledgeable about Kickstarter that he's supported a whole TWO whopping projects, both of which either just closed or are about too. Both funded with much more realistic goals too.

Why do so many creators use "Legend" in their RPG titles when "Heartbreaker" would be much more applicable?


  1. You can tell they're a quality product because they use Comic Sans.

  2. "an original world based on the popular d20 system" doesn't even make sense. I assume they mean the GAME is based on the d20 system and set in "an original world," whatever that might mean when the drawing looks just like every fantasy RPG cliche out there.

    I don't follow the RPG underworld much: can someone explain why everyone and his uncle suddenly seems to feel qualified to design a fantasy RPG? and why we need more when you can't walk without trippin over fantasy RPGs ESPECIALLY D&D knockoffs?

    1. They are deluded and we don't, respectively.

    2. Are you going to nitpick or are you going to let your mind be blown by this astonishing new conception of dwarves as "a serious lot, given rarely to frivolity, preferring a good, hard day's work?" Sometimes considered dour or taciturn? Little talent for arcane magic, but excelling at fighting and engineering? FOND OF GOLD?!!!

      Strap yourselves in, folks -- all bets are off!!!

  3. What's happening with your banner? It's all chunkla on the bottom.

  4. Alright, I'm stealing that one: If I ever get off my ass and write up my house rules, I'm naming it Heartbreaker. It's mine now! :P

  5. This seems a bit fishy.

    -Company that hasn't released anything wants to make a game with larger goal than Numenera ($20k). At least the book must be awesome when it costs $150, right?

    -Their website is mostly empty.

    -Map for a setting that was created 1982 seems quite empty.

    -They are using OBS to release the pdfs, but instead of using PoD they spend $9k to "Printing and Rewards Fullfilment" and everyone outside of US must pay $75 shipping costs instead of ~$10-$20 and most likely faster shipping.

    But at least they (two guys?) are telling it upfront that $4k (or $8k if they do both "Game Design" and "Final Editing and Layout").

    "Pledge $20 or more
    KING'S RANGER -- The same as the Adventurer level plus a free electronic copy of the Legend Core Rulebook or the Thera World Book (PDF format)."

    Adventurer level is $10, but if you increase that to $20 you get one pdf for free! For some reason I always tought that free was free instead of $10. :p

  6. Coming soon to kickstarter: Legendary Heartbreak: (the colon is intentional). Only $17M, with a stretch goal of All the Money.

  7. Heh... Legendary Heartbreaker, Pat Benatar style:

    "Your words are like a vorpal sword, spinning over my head
    Drownin' me in your promises, better left unpaid
    You're the right kind of writer to release my inner fantasy
    The invincible whiner, and you know what you were born to be

    You're a heart breaker, dream faker, money taker
    Don't you mess around with me..."

    1. Edit: You're the WRONG kind of writer to release my inner fantasy

      Sorry, got distracted by a new Kickstarter for Legendary Widgets

  8. Darn, I was hoping me finally had a fantasy RPG based on the Tom Cruise-Mia Sara movie.

    1. Just need to be sure they fill it with glossy stills from the film, especially of Mia Sara.

  9. Well, if you were from either Laurasia or Gondwana, then you'd know better than to mock this worthy endeavor. Rhys, Efac lives!!!


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