Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mini Review - The Manor # 6 (OSR Zine)

+Tim Shorts has done it again. Well, in this case, +Tim Shorts and esteemed guests.

If you haven't checked out The Manor yet, you should. It's an irregular OSR zine that is easily mined for goodies and goodness. This morning I'm looking at the PDF of Issue # 6 (I have my paper copy coming via snail mail).

The Brothel of Wargumn is written by +matt jackson (who also supplied a map or two). What can I say about a brothel that includes a Lamia, A Succubus, a Vampire and an Annis Hag amongst their "working staff" that hasn't been said already? Actually, I've never seen a brothel that even comes close in any setting. +matt jackson , you're leaving me speechless ;)

The Guard Class is an excellent write up of a fantasy "law enforcement" type of class by +Tim Shorts . Needless to say, I really like it.

Guard Greetings is a random table to be used when the party interacts with the town watch. Parts of it made me chuckle, and I can see myself using this in game.

Getting From Point A to Point B is a series of "puzzle / teleportation rooms" that are presented in matched sets by +Ken H . They remind me in part of the Trap series that Flying Buffalo used to put out. Well done even if not totally my bag. I think I'd need to build an adventure around one of these sets as opposed to finding a place for these in an adventure. Hmmm, actually, building around the rooms might work really well.

In Witches of the Dark Room+Tim Shorts mixes in a +matt jackson map and art and monsters by Dylan Hartwell. It's got were-spiders and missing children. Tim says it's a low level adventure. I may need to playtest it just to find out where the TPK waterline lies.

Good stuff. I'm especially looking forward to harassing my players with the Guard class.

PDF  $2.50

Print  $4.00


  1. Thanks for the shout out Erik. One correction, the adventure is Witches of the Dark Moon. While Witches of the Dark Room would be very cool, I don't these ones ever got into photography.

    1. Now you have a title for a sequel about witches, cameras and a dark room full of angry souls trapped inside photos.


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