Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Send in the Clones, Where Are the Clones? There Ought to be Clones...

On Monday I bumped into my boss in the maze of hallways at work. He saw me, straddled the demarcation line between the tiled kitchenette area and the carpeted hallway, faced me and asked: "Who am I?"

The answer, of course, was me. I've had each of my two feet running two separate units for the last 2 1/2 weeks, covering for another Sgt. who is out sick. Not sure how soon that will be changing. Long ass days in the meantime, but they do seem to go by fairly fast.

It does bring to mind the Classic Paranoia game for me. Damn, but I loved sending my troubleshooters to their untimely (and even timely) demises. "Bring out Butt-R-Ball 2!"

What I need is Supe-R-Visor 2 ;)

Alright, back to writing the eulogy for Friday's memorial service and sorting out the Round 2 winners of the OSR Superstar Contest.

Never a damn clone around when you need one...


  1. If you had a clone, you'd have to have meetings with yourself to update all yourselves on what you committed yourselves to do. Think how tiresome THAT would be! =)

  2. "Never a damn clone around when you need one..."


  3. Supe-R-VSR 2 (you only get three characters for the sector). Report to the nearest termination chamber friend citizen.


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